Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Late Actor Paul Walker's Daughter Sues Volkswagen over Porsche crash

The daughter of  actor Paul Walker, died died in fiery crash of a Porsche sports car in CA, 2 years ago, filed a death legal proceeding against the Audi in LA on Monday, court records show.

Meadow Walker claimed with grievance that the car-maker skimped on safety options for the vehicle, that may have either prevented the crash entirely or almost keep Walker alive.

Paul Walker was a rider in 2005 Porsche Carrera GT driven by Roger Rodas, who lost control of the vehicle before it careened into trees and a utility pole in Santa Clarita, northwest of LA, killing 2 men in Nov 2013.

The suit aforesaid Porsche Ag knew the Sports Car model had a "history of instability and driving control issues" and said that the seat belts were designed   in a crash, the shoulder belt anchor would be took beside the rear engine compartment whereas the seat anchor would stay with.

"This snapped Walker's body back with thousands of pounds of force, thereby breaking his ribs and pelvis, flattening his seat and took him in a very supine position, wherever he remained alive till the vehicle erupted into flames one minute and twenty seconds later," the filing same.

"Absent these defects within the Porsche Carrera GT, Paul Walker would be alive nowadays," the grievance side, citing the life belt design and different issues.

Porsche couldn't be instantly reached for discuss Monday. however attorneys for the German auto company said in April that Rodas was responsible for the crash following a case filed by his widow against the company's North yank unit last year.Attorneys for Company Audi had then denied that the Porsche had any defects.

Walker's death at the age of forty led to temporary halt in production of "Fast & 
Furious 7", the most recent picture show within the successful series regarding illegal  street car racing that helped popularize his career.

The LA Times has said that the LA County Sheriff's Department and CA road Patrol found that unsafe speeds were responsible for the crash, not mechanical issues. The newspaper mentioned investigators made the determination after consulting with technicians from Porsche.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 Employee Benefits You're Probably Taking for Granted

Ping-pong table in the office? Free massages at your desk? Gourmet drink making classes on the clock? Some workplaces have really stepped up their game. While these "extras" can seem great, it's important to make sure you are taking advantage of the important stuff. Check out some of the work benefits you may need to make sure you're taking full advantage of.

1. Retirement Savings
Many employers provide some sort of retirement plan, like a 401(k), 403(b), 457 or pension. In addition to Social Security that is taken out of your paycheck, you can often have money put directly into your retirement account, with some companies even make matching contributions. Even with these efforts in place, you may want to consider opening your own individual retirement account or Roth IRA for additional savings. It can be a good idea to look at what you are currently saving and whether it will be enough to reach your retirement goal.
If you don't have enough money, look for other places you can make cuts in your budget. For example, if you have debt, improving your credit score can help you refinance into a lower interest rate and free up more cash for retirement savings. You can check your credit scores for free on Credit.com to see where you stand and make a plan to improve.

2. Life Insurance
Company-sponsored life insurance is usually cheap or free and doesn't require a medical exam. This makes it a great option, but it may not provide enough coverage if something were to happen to you. It's a good idea to really think about and calculate just how much life insurance you need. If you have a mortgage to pay and dependents to worry about, you may need to consider purchasing supplemental life insurance. You can do this by asking the insurance company that provides your employee policy about purchasing additional coverage through them, or by turning to the open market.

3. Health Coverage
Like life insurance, health coverage is often cheaper when purchased as part of a group. You may get medical treatment for free or at a discounted rate through your employer. But what about dental, vision and other extras? It's a good idea to at least look at the options and see if you need to purchase an additional coverage option. Or maybe you want to consider contributing pre-tax money to a flexible spending account to use on medical expenses. This money can be used for over-the-counter medicine and for doctor co-pays.
Employer benefits can be a big factor when deciding where to work, but it's a good idea to regularly evaluate if you are getting everything you need. Sometimes you may find you need to actively sign up during an open enrollment plan for additional benefits and sometimes you may have to look outside of what your employer offers.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Donald Trump on anti-Muslim questioner controversy: Would Obama defend me? No chance!

Donald Trump on anti-Muslim questioner controversy: Would Obama defend me? No chance!Reporter
Audience members raise their hands during a question and answer session with Donald Trump at a town hall event Thursday in Rochester, N.H. (Photo: Robert F. Bukaty/AP)
No apologies.
Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to strike back at everyone criticizing him for not correcting a man who said President Obama is a foreign-born Muslim. 
“Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don’t think so!” Trump wrote.
The Republican presidential candidate, who routinely attracts press with his biting put-downs, said this is the first time he caused controversy by not saying something.
Trump added that there is no way Obama would have corrected a person who made misguided statement about him.
“If someone made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue? No chance!” he said.
The incident that kicked off the latest media frenzy occurred at the beginning of the brash billionaire’s town hall event Thursday in Rochester, N.H.
For the event’s first question, Trump called on an audience member wearing a Trump T-shirt who said he thinks the U.S. needs to “get rid” of Muslims.
“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one. We know he’s not even an American. Birth certificate, man!” the man said, alluding to the “birther” movement. “We have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That’s my question: When can we get rid of them?”
Donald Trump drew criticism for not defending the president at his New Hampshire town hall meeting Thursday, but he strongly defended himself on social media Saturday. (Photo: Robert F. Bukaty/AP)
While the unidentified man was speaking, Trump chuckled to other supporters, and asked, “We need this question?”
In response to the man’s query, he said that he would “look into that.”
Many people, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, were offended that Trump did not explain to the man that Obama is in fact a Christian from Hawaii rather than a Muslim from outside the country.
“Donald Trump not denouncing false statements about POTUS & hateful rhetoric about Muslims is disturbing, & just plain wrong. Cut it out,” she wrote
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest asked Friday morning if anyone was truly caught off guard that this sort of behavior reared its head at a Trump event.
“Is anybody really surprised this happened at a Donald Trump rally?” Earnest asked. “I don’t think anybody who has been paying attention to Republican politics are really surprised.” 
White House press secretary Josh Earnest speaks to the media during the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington on Sept. 18, 2015. (Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP)
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said if someone said that at one of his town hall meetings, he would tell that person Obama is a Christian from the U.S.
“I’ll tell you what I would do, and I wouldn’t have permitted that if someone brought that up at a town hall meeting of mine,” Christie said on the “Today” show Friday.
“I would have said, ‘No, listen. Before we answer, let’s clear some things up for the rest of the audience.’ And I think you have an obligation as a leader to do that.” 
But Trump insists that he was caught in a no-win situation, and would have been accused of violating the man’s First Amendment right to free speech had he done so.
“If I would have challenged the man, the media would have accused me of interfering with that man’s right of free speech. A no-win situation!”
Shortly after, Trump stopped defending himself and went back on the offensive, not surprisingly, against Obama. According to the real estate magnate, Obama has done a terrible job protecting the religious freedoms of Christians the world over.
“Christians need support in our country (and around the world),” he said on Twitter, “their religious liberty is at stake! Obama has been horrible, I will be great.”
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On Friday, September 18th, Yahoo News Live looks at the controversy over Donald Trump's handling of a question on Muslims at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. The GOP frontrunner did not take issue when an unidentified man in a Trump T-shirt asked when America would "get rid of" Muslims and asserted that the President of the United States was himself a Muslim.